We were really thrilled to have such strong ratings for our song “Here With Me” on AudioKite Research — a place where thousands of active music consumers rate songs.

Our full AudioKite report for our single “Here With Me” is yours for the exploring ๐Ÿ™‚


“I love the laid back qualities of this song. It makes me think of a picnic on the beach with the girl that I love.

“The instrumentation and lyrics match perfectly with the tone of the song and the song is short, so it leaves me wanting more.”

“I was smiling as soon as this one began. It is an old, before my time style. My complaint is, it is too short.”

“I can see a parent singing this to their young child and both laughing and smiling.”

“I liked how it put me into a wistful, thoughtful mood. I liked the two singers working together.”

“I could see it in a Disney cartoon, I love this song, itโ€™s so sweet.”

“Really nice folk song. It flows well together. A nice happy song.”

“Give this man all of the jobs!”

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