vogelJoy is an unconventional, five-piece family band that is continuously growing — musically and in height!  Based in small town Southwestern Ontario this family of five has built a love of music and family with each other and their fans.  Their independent, sincere, and imaginative song writing elevates young listeners and is an absolute joy to share.

Banding together in 2009 vogelJoy has self produced 2 albums and some noteworthy singles for young families.  Their joy of performing across Canada at fairs, festivals, street corners and parks is a true thrill and a huge honour as these experiences have been foundational for the growth of their performances and a springboard for their children’s future pursuits.  For the past few years the band has self produced wonderfully fun music videos to reflect their unique and heartwarming approach to children’s music and storytelling.

The chemistry between the members of vogelJoy is undeniable — they’re a family!  Terry the Dad: epic songwriter and all around plays-everything musician, Kimberly the Mom: organizer, encourager, uke player and singer of melodies, Louisa the oldest: beautiful vocals and independent harmonies, Oliver the middle child yet oldest boy: superb vocals and very fun stylings, and Sophie the youngest: brilliant melodies and huge humour.  Their independent spirits all brought together to sing and play is joy-filled and undeniably inspiring.

Louisa Neudorf vogeljoy


Louisa sings, dances, and acts out stories in vogelJoy — we really couldn’t do it without her!



Likes to: sing, play outside, go horseback riding, sew, cook and play piano

Favourite Song: If You Knew My Story from the musical Bright Star

Favourite Snack: Bowl of hot banana peppers

Favourite Show: I Love Lucy & Corner Gas

Favourite Movie: Andrew Adamson’s Narnia movies

Favourite Book: Keeper of the Bees by Gene Stratton Porter


instagram pics: #louisaneudorf

Oliver Neudorf vogeljoy


Oliver sings, dances, and acts out stories in vogelJoy — it’s way more fun with him!


Likes to: play with his diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), play sports, act, climb things and build stuff

Favourite Snack: a bowl of honey & almond butter

Favourite Song: What Have We Got from Sting’s musical The Last Ship

Favourite Movie: Mud (2012)

Favourite Book: The Hobbit and Huckleberry Finn

Currently Oliver is cast as Page at Stratford Festival Theatre in Romeo & Juliet!  Be sure to come see this world-class production this season!  More details on his website below:


instagram pics: #oliverneudorf

Sophie Neudorf vogeljoy


Sophie sings, dances, and acts out stories in vogelJoy — loads of fun!


Likes to: go to her friend’s house, play street hockey with Papa, play board games

Favourite Snack: cheese

Favourite Song: Climb Out Your Window by Walk Off The Earth

Favourite Movie: The Sandlot (1993)

Favourite Book: Little House on the Praire

Sophie was cast as Apparition 3 in Stratford Festival Theatre’s Macbeth!  You can see more details below on her website or catch it in HD on CBC.


instagram pics: #sophieneudorf

Terry Neudorf vogeljoy


Terry is the vogelJoy songwriter, guitar player, singer and all around fun guy 🙂




Likes: to play catch, to sing with kids, the theatre, rearranging the garage and excel spreadsheets.  (everything is on excel spreadsheets)

Favourite Snack: dates and cream cheese

Favourite Song: To Show You My Love by Mike Schmid

Favourite Movie: The Sound of Music

Favourite Book: In spite of Myself  by Christopher Plummer

instagram: @terryneudorf

Kimberly vogeljoy


Kimberly is the vogelJoy mom 😉  She sings melody, plays the uke, loves to dance, tell stories and jump up and down



Likes to: eat, play outside, sing, dance, climb trees, go rock climbing, garden, hang upside down and make webpages

Favourite Snack: this chocolate cake (but replace the cacao with cocoa 😉 ), and dark chocolate, and avacados mixed with chocolate 🙂

Favourite Song: Popular sung by Kristin Chenoweth and Sing it All Away by Walk Off The Earth (I have to have 2 – it’s too hard!)

Favourite Movie: Fool’s Gold (2008)

Favourite Book: Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes on Board, Pippi in the South Seas

instagram: @kimberly_canary

As Seen in…

Carp Fair
Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival
Markdale Fair
Hillside Music Festival
New Liskeard Fair
Springfield Family Fun Day
Tillsonburg Family Day
Stratford Swan Festival
Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival
Manitoba Children’s Museum
Langenburg Saskatchewan
Providence Bay Fair
Cornwall Family Expo
Dryden Library
Erin Fall Fair
Woodstock Streetfest
West Edmonton Mall
Saskatoon Farmer’s Market
House Concerts

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